The Transverse is a Nigerian media company focusing on progressiveness and positivity. We also have great interest in youth development, entrepreneurial milestones, innovation, academic excellence, and national growth and rebranding. We primarily report positive stories on our platform as a way of balancing the predominantly sour narrative on the national scale. We also regularly churn out feature stories of Nigerians who are making the society proud through their selfless contributions to public good and personal achievements. Another of our focus areas is the promotion of corporate interests through the unique and creative publicity of mediagenic exercises of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With the aid of online articles, YouTube vlogs/documentaries and precise digital marketing, we use storytelling to take control of the plot and drive consumers to the producers of goods. Our columns include DJ Column, Dear Millennial, and Newsquake. With Newsquake, which is a weekly column authored by several individuals, we not only break the news, we break it down for easy comprehension.