Dear Millennial: How Good Is Your Sight?

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Dear Millennial: How Good Is Your Sight?

Dear Millennials

Can you see into the future?

The world is being reshaped on a daily basis by individuals who are becoming increasingly younger as the years pass.

Millennials all around the world are not only developing their vision for the future, they are making it happen. From electric cars to Virtual reality, the plan is clearly that in just a few decades, our world as it is would be unrecognizable.

Understand that the things we see today and marvel over were conceived in dreams that were had years ago. Many plans for the next couple of decades have been made and concluded, and today, someone somewhere is already making plans for 2050.

Our universe is spinning faster and faster and the extent to which we have been left behind is mind boggling.

So I ask again, how good is your sight.

Are you also seeing a future that rejoices in the production of pencils, or are you merely planning to wait for someone else’s dream to come to fruition so you can ‘aww’ and ‘ha’ and read magazines with their pictures on the cover.

While we stay here, trying to figure our what we will have for breakfast on Friday, someone somewhere is figuring out how to put solar panels in space!

So unless we want to be choking on the exhaust of a world that has shot forward and left us far behind, it’s time to dig out those binoculars and sharpen our sight.

It’s time to start mapping the future, and not the immediate future alone. We need to envision what this country should look like when our children are having their own children, and we need to start working on it now!

We should have already developed renewable energy replacements for our fast depleting fossil fuels. We should be estimating the food needs of the future and planning our agriculture to meet those needs. We should be developing the transport systems of the future now.

When the rest of the world are hovering above the ground in flying cars, are we still going to be crossing our waters with canoes?

And no, these are not all duties for the government. The dreaming and imagining are for you and me too.

This country is our inheritance, we cannot stand around waiting for what will be to be. It’s time to start making plans and gathering the knowledge we need to effect a revolution when the time comes.

But first, we need to see.

So that when the baton is finally handed over, we won’t be cluelessly standing around, watching the rest of the world handle the stars and wandering where the hell we are going to start from.

Omeghie Okoyomoh
Omeghie Okoyomoh
Omeghie Okoyomoh is a graduate of Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan. She is a seasoned public speaker with Media experience and an advocate for women's rights. Omeghie is an editor and contributor with TheTransverse.

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