Waka Waka: Listening To Conversation In A Public Bus- By Habib Oladapo

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Waka Waka: Listening To Conversation In A Public Bus- By Habib Oladapo

waka waka

So, on a waka waka journey, I was in the bus this evening sitting behind the driver, next to a man and a woman, both of them probably in their late thirties or early forties.

On a very good day, I would plug my ears, listen to radio and disconnect myself from the regular arguments/discussions/unsolicited opinion polls (usually about the government) that accompany journeys these days but sadly, I had forgotten my earphones at home.

It all started with the usual ‘para’ when everyone submits N1000 and N500 notes and the driver (no conductor this time) does not have change. After all the ramblings and rumblings, accusations and counter accusations (ably aided by the frustration from this Buhari economy), we all settled ourselves and everything went back to normal. However, this had set the tone for the talk that started between my two seat mates who were formerly strangers.

All through the journey, they talked on endlessly about themselves, family, work etc. and even though ‘e no concern me’, I listened with keen interest. And you too will be surprised by the things they (and of course, I) found out. Come with me.

They are both from the same L.G.A in Abia state, although both were born, bred and lived their whole lives (so far) in Lagos. They both speak Igbo and Yoruba fluently. Both are graduates of Laspotech (different years and department though).

They are both married to Yorubas, with two children each (boy and girl). Their spouses are both from Ogun State. Their girls both have the name Ijeoma, were born in the same year and have both just concluded JSS3. As if that is not enough, they both work in the same area in one part of the town and also live in the same area in another part of the town.

You will agree with that this is more than a coincidence. And as I watched the two of them alight at the same bus stop, I said to myself, ‘these two ehn, their respective spouses have got one more thing to worry about.’

But then, wetin concern me?



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