Knowing Who You Are- By Seun Bharbs

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Knowing Who You Are- By Seun Bharbs

By: Seun Bharbs

Almost everyone says, I know who I am. But really, it’s not about one saying it all the time. You also have to act positively in addition to your sayings.

You are functioning on this earth as an ambassador and God wants you to reign because you cannot feel or treat anyone else right if you are not feeling right yourself.

We’ve got so many people in this World, but God expresses himself through us in different ways and we must recognize it, so that the best can come out from the inside of us. You have been ordained to walk in the light of God’s Plan for you.  As an individual you need to be the best of you and see what God will do for you and through you.

A lot of people believe and know that they have grace but at the same time DO NOT know that it can be frustrated. Pretense has become the order of the day.

Are you doing that particular thing because of the Love of God in your heart or the Love of the praises you will receive from Men? (Selah)

God didn’t ask us to change so that he could Love us; he just loved us. As a human, you must make adjustments to accommodate other people. Also Important, do you  keep people because of what you can gain from them or because of what you can do for them?

Compassionate people are after God’s heart, Are You? If you pray from now till forever and you don’t position yourself for Change. I am sorry, you are only deceiving yourself and also wasting time.

The truth remains that everyone cannot like you, because if everyone does: YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! Know that when you have chosen to discipline yourself, you will begin to expand in Virtue, Grace and every other   thing that you desire.

When you look into these issues, you will observe that some people have placed limits on what God can do in their lives. They are now conscious of the reward of men, forgetting that God overrides all human Modus-Operandi. You have been born into the Land that is filled with abundant blessings, wealth, fame and prosperity. All you need is  just to see it and you will partake of it.

When you consciously think excellently and positively it will literally transcend into your character.

God Bless You.

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