“We Are Building Wealthier Families”, Abiodun Alafe, C.E.O Comfort Share Capital Investments

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“We Are Building Wealthier Families”, Abiodun Alafe, C.E.O Comfort Share Capital Investments

Abiodun Alafe

Abiodun Alafe is clearly a man who does not believe in the box. The C.E.O of Comfort Share Capital Investments has taken on the commendable task of not only teaching people how to make the best of their finances, but also helping investors pool their resources in order to generate substantial returns.

Abiodun’s success is made all the more remarkable by the seemingly overwhelming challenges he overcame.

The young man who was born on the first of the year 27 years ago achieved success despite being diagnosed as a sickle cell carrier as a toddler. He was responsible for his younger sister and his sick mum at a young age, and would eventually becoming an orphan.“As at 1998”, he explains, “I had to hawk mushrooms with a neighbour”.

He attended a private primary school but was later transferred to a public school in Fiditi, Oyo state where he grew up. But still, this did not deter him. He leveraged on all that he had already gained in order to make the best of public school.

Abiodun Alafe’s Journey

Abiodun Alafe started his enterprise from his hometown in Oyo state. He got the first indication of his interest in financial intelligence and investment management when he observed a close relative lose heavily after his fledgling business stopped producing as much revenue as it had before.

Abiodun began to read up and study on financial intelligence. Also, he attended classes and seminars in order to consolidate his knowledge.

He applied this knowledge for the first time in managing the petty trade his mother left behind. He did so well from the small shop to train both himself and his sister in university.

Abiodun officially registered his financial management outfit in Ibadan in 2014. “I started off organising workshops called, re-positioning for advantages’ where we invited different people to come as facilitators.”

The Birth of Comfort Share Capital Investments

Abiodun’s company eventually became imperative as the seminar grew. Participants began to demand a platform on which to apply the knowledge they had just acquired. Especially so because quite a number of them were unable, due to time constraints, to set up side businesses.  “It became a great challenge to me” he explains.

“I thought, why not create a platform where people will come together to build a business. A business that will also create employment for others.”

Thus the share capital investment business was set up. Abiodun’s company serve as consultants who help to build the business. Returns are also disbursed to all shareholders based on earlier set up parameters.

The Vision and Challenges

Abiodun mentioned that his business is based on a system of trust and accountability. “Our number one core value is integrity” he points out. The failure of many clients to read the terms and conditions they set out also came as a major challenge to Abiodun and his team. They often found themselves having to explain the terms to confused clients.

“What keeps us going is the vision that we have set out for our organisation.  We are building wealthier families. We believe that if we continue setting our eyes on the vision with tenacity, we trust that irrespective of the challenges, we would just keep getting better.”

The budding entrepreneur looks up to business men like Adeolu Akinyemi, Tony Elumelu and Robert Kiyosaki. He would like to see a Nigerian situation where individuals are not being limited by government policies.

Laughingly, he told our reporter that he is taken and we can expect a wedding as well as a younger Abiodun soon.

Abiodun is thriving in spite of the odds; he is indeed a Nigerian to celebrate. You can reach him via his Business line: +2348164603698 or via email [email protected].

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Omeghie Okoyomoh
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