Nigerian Born Pere Gives Up Offers From Google, Facebook, To Build Tech Company In Nigeria

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Nigerian Born Pere Gives Up Offers From Google, Facebook, To Build Tech Company In Nigeria


The story of Perewari Pere is one that reaffirms the truth that people’s opinion is not always right.

Pere who was regarded as a social misfit in his junior secondary school days, rose to become a successful computer engineer, graduating with a perfect CGPA of 4.0 at the prestigious Lincoln University in the United States of America.

Pere did not quite start as a straight A student but he believed in himself and put in the hard work that led him to his present status. In fact,while he was schooling in Bayelsa he suffered inferiority complex which affected his academic performance.

His moment, however, came in JSS 2 after he repeated a class and was held in a probation class.“My class consisted of the worst academic students who were on mercy seats. Any slip and I would have left school. I always loved math, but, like I said, I was suffering emotionally and it was breaking me. I was called a social misfit and that was always my struggle” Pere said.

According to him, he felt like a fish forced to race on land while he was schooling in Nigeria but the US provided him the platform and the right space to develop. “Here (in the US), I feel like I’m in water, and it’s so easy to swim. I like this environment” he acknowledged.

Graduating with such academic record as Pere did, it was no news to hear that the big wigs in the Tech industry want him in their fold. Job offers came in from the likes of Google, Adobe, Facebook, Visa and other top tech companies who would be glad to have Pere, but his love for his fatherland is more intense than a fat pay cheque.

In an interview with THE PUNCH newspaper, he shared his big dream to build the first African tech company that would not only open up the continent to the world but also develop products that would be globally acceptable.

When asked if he would stay back in the US to work, Pere simply responded with an assuring “NO”. “The next step is to come back to Nigeria and start up a software company with my friends (five of them). I have a dream to start a tech company in Nigeria and I have been working on that dream for close to two years now with some of my friends here.” He said.

Being a young man who knows what he want, Pere is aware of the obstacles he will face while starting up a company in Nigeria, but he is resolved to face the challenges head on.

Pere said; “It’s challenging to leave the United States and head back to Nigeria, especially with nothing more after school. Some of us got job offers, which we decided to skip because we believe in this technology. A lot of folks have shared their concern especially with the economic crisis in the country, but that’s fine”.

An opportunity to visit multi-nationals as Google, Facebook, would have thrown many of his age mates off their radar but for 25 year old Pere all he thinks in his head is”Afridash”, a tech company he plans to start in Nigeria with five of his friends.


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