Deejaying Stereotypes That Need To Be Squashed (Part 2)

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Deejaying Stereotypes That Need To Be Squashed (Part 2)

So, last week, I started a discussion on some wrong notions and stereotypes that people have about disc jockeying and deejays. This week’s article is going to be very short and precise as it serves as a conclusion to this current discussion. By the way, I hope last week was good on you. If it wasn’t, I wish you a good week this time. But if yours was splendid, then I wish you a better one this week. With that, I’ll delve straight into continuing from where I stopped last week.

  • There is only one type of Deejay/Deejaying.

Unfortunately for us, most people tend to believe that there is only one type of deejay or to be put in a more specific parlance. A lot of Nigerians believe that as a disc jockey, you should be proficient in and play all the genres of music available. Therefore, if you’re not familiar with a particular genre of music, then you’re considered to be ‘not up to standard’.

If you’re one of the people who think in this line of thought- that there is just one type or form of deejaying, then you’re just looking at the tip of the iceberg because there are several types of deejays and deejay art form that require different skillsets.

There are club deejays, mobile/wedding deejays, carnival/festival deejays, radio deejays, turn-tablists/scratch deejays, battle deejays, Deejays/Producers, remixers/refixers, etcetera. Unavailability of space will not allow me go in-depth into analysing the various types of deejays available. However, these different forms of deejaying require different skill-sets and each individual deejay is more proficient in one of the areas mentioned above than another. Hence, most deejays focus more on the areas of their strength and carve a niche for themselves in those areas.

Also, there are deejays that specialize in some form of music genre and become popular for just restricting themselves to one genre of music. This has given birth to deejays who specialize in playing only EDM, House, Rock, country music, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and very recently, Afro-Pop music only. So, you see that the deejaying world is a very wide ocean, and the fact that one is a disc jockey does not make one an absolute arbiter or encyclopedia of all the genre of music. It is left for you as a potential employer of the services of a disc jockey to know the kind of event you want to plan and consequently contact a disc jockey who is proficient in handling such event.

  • Deejays have every song imaginable in their library.

This is another grave mistake and assumption that a lot of people have about deejays. But this is a sad fact that we constantly have to deal with. However, believe it or not, songs cost money and also take up space on your computer or hard drive. Another fact that people don’t also understand is the fact that it takes a lot of time and energy to collect songs. No matter the method of collection- either through downloading or file exchange from people who already have the songs. It takes some unbelievably long hours to collect and sorts songs and no matter how very rich a deejay’s music library is, it is impossible to have all the songs available. Technically speaking, we would love to have every song imaginable, but it’s just not possible.

Therefore, unless you give the deejay a track-list with your favourite underground Hip-hop, Fuji or Apalasongs before an event, then you have to assume the deejay probably doesn’t have it.

I believe there are so many more wrong beliefs and assumptions that people or even you currently reading this article have about the disc jockeying profession. I’ll like to hear some of them if you don’t mind so that I can treat them some other time. Just feel free to air your thoughts in the comment section. This is where I drop my pen for now till I come again next week.

Have a good week this time.

Innocent Odikpo
Innocent Odikpo
DJ XL whose real name is Ebuka Innocent Odikpo is a young chap with different sides to his personality. Switching from deejaying to writing, which are his undying passions. He is a graduate of the University of Ibadan and currently a practising deejay and writer.

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