Why Jonathan Must Be Tried, And Jailed If Need Be

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Why Jonathan Must Be Tried, And Jailed If Need Be

“Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove every doubt”

These past few days have witnessed former president Goodluck Jonathan’s frantic attempts to legitimize what many of us already hold true about him. It didn’t just start when The Economist called him an ineffectual Buffoon, we were resolved of his buffoonery when Nigerians in their millions kicked him out of Aso Rock in 2015.

But, in his grand delusion, he thought he could distort history in less than two years. Perhaps, he forgot that the pain of a wound can only be forgotten when the scars start to fade off. The wound Jonathan inflicted on Nigeria is still fresh, with many writhing under the pains of his misrule and utter cluelessness. How dare he insult our common sanity by trying to twist history?

I, however, do not blame Jonathan for throwing tantrums, had President Muhammadu Buhari kept his promise to fight corruption to its knees, Jonathan would probably be too busy trying to stay out of jail, to spew incoherent, self-deceiving narratives all over the media space.

President Buhari has marred his dedication to fighting corruption with different shades of selectiveness. His failure to question many abhorrent acts by those in his government has constantly cast doubt on his dedication to really combat corruption.

Most significantly, his failure to subject the former president to investigation has shown that even with the ‘righteous’ Buhari, some individuals are above the law.

Since many of the major corruption cases currently being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions in court have a link to the former president. One then wonders why Jonathan still travels in and out of Otuoke unrestrained.

Perhaps, the greatest of all these crimes is the 2.1 billion United States Dollars arms deal fraud perpetuated under the very watch of the Jonathan administration. I doubt Jonathan would be able to justify himself before any right thinking person, or claim that he knew nothing about the deal.

There is no way that Jonathan would claim to an impartial court that he knew nothing about the several ‘alleged’ criminal acts of the former minister of petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke. These competent rogues robbed Nigeria blind to finance the 2015 election in favour of their boss, yet President Buhari looked elsewhere, chasing errand boys while the kingpin sits on his nose.

Earlier this year, the new South Korean government arrested Park Geun-hye, the former president that was impeached for her numerous corrupt practices. She was not just arrested but detained before her trial commenced in court. The only reason Park was arrested before she was charged was so that it would be clear to her that she, being the past president, is not bigger that the rule of law. Her prosecutor also said her crime was “grave”. Need I say everything Park stole was not up to what Dasuki allegedly distributed to ensure Jonathan get a re-election?

Park was not the only past leader South Korea would throw in jail for crimes that are ‘learners’ besides the atrocities committed by the last administration. According to the Guardian UK; “Former presidents Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo, both previously army generals, received a life sentence and a 17-year prison term, respectively, in 1996 on charges including treason and bribery.”

So, who says Nigeria cannot drag the Otuoke buffoon before a competent court of law to answer for the malfeasances during his five years of calamity?

There is a need to pass across a message, in clear terms, to Nigerian elites that no one is above the law. This, many thought President Buhari would stamp into the consciousness of Nigerian politicians but so far he has shown a lack of zeal to duly prosecute the one percenter that has eaten our collective wealth.

Also, in this era when young people are scampering to get into power, they must have it ingrained in their consciousness that public offices are not for corrupt, clueless and greedy buffoons who seek to live their dreams at the expense of over 180 million Nigerians. Therefore, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan must be used as a deterrent for others who might want to toe his line of inept leadership.

Damilola Banjo
Damilola Banjo
She is a diehard believer in Nigeria. She is a journalist every other day and a humanitarian every second of her life. If she’s not planning a project, she’s surfing the web for good stories.

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