T’ibi T’ire la da ile aye

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T’ibi T’ire la da ile aye


There is good in every bad, there is bad in every good. Life is never a smooth sail, it’s not black and white, and it is not a one way traffic where every happening or event can just be explained just as it is.

Thoughts, intentions, ideas, luck, destiny and of course grace are all intertwined as they shape the events and happenings in our lives, hence, we cannot just say this is what it is.

The spouse that jilted you might make you sad but what if his/her exit means something good for you. Your boss that sacked you undeservingly might just be doing you a world of good. All the disappointments you ever faced might just be preparing you for what is ahead. Ronaldo’s injury and inevitable substitution might be the reason Portugal won Euro 2016. His absence from the rest of the match might have ‘gingered’ the team to go all out against favourites France.

What if your current downtrodden situation is all the encouragement you need to finally go big with your life?

Nothing is totally good, nothing is totally bad. But it’s a whole lot better to see the good in every bad, maybe a rare second chance to do something better or be better at doing something. Life is not a bed of roses, it’s like a whip that goes forward and backward. It’s not supposed to be fair… A positive attitude is all you need.

Just look to the brighter side of life, pick up the gauntlet and try again, you never can tell what’s in store…. Be the best you can be.




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