Meet Taiwo Abiri, Who Became A Mechanic By Watching Youtube Videos, Then Landed In Google

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April 21, 2017
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April 22, 2017

Meet Taiwo Abiri, Who Became A Mechanic By Watching Youtube Videos, Then Landed In Google

Taiwo Abiri Youtube

Indeed, when passion is given purpose, success is an unending story. Taiwo Abiri, 30 year old graduate of Economics, fueled his passion to become a mechanic by learning about automobiles on Youtube and also reading books about cars.

Haven spent four years at Obafemi Awolowo University, studying Economics on the advice of his sister, Taiwo knew that the finance world is not for him. He insisted that his passion is with engines and grease, not the shining suits and the large offices of many MBA holders that his parents wanted for him.

Taiwo now has aTaiwo Abiri Youtube deal with Google and Uber but the contracts did not just fall into his laps, he worked tirelessly and even for free just to
acquire the needed skills in automobile repairs. He also has as his clients, corporate organizations such as; Century Energy, Four Points By Sheraton, Falcon Gas, AA Rescue, Structon Construction Company, Computer Warehouse Group.

Now the boss of Motomi Repairs, an auto repair company Taiwo started in a roadside shed at Marwa, a low income residence in Lekki, the 30 years old graduate of OAU said he is yet to implement half of what he has planned for his business.

Early this year, Taiwo announced the launch of Motomi Engine and Gearbox Rebuild to provide quality service for people looking to get good engines for their vehicles.

In 2015, Taiwo made a profit of N25 million from car repairs. The jump in his profit allowed him to move to the eyebrow area of Lekki where he now has his mechanic shop. He also plans to start Motomi Express 24/7, a call in Service Company that would be available round the clock.

“We will soon start our express service. Clients can invite us and expect us to get to them in record time to fix their vehicles; whether their cars broke up on the highway or the fault happened while they were at home” he said in an interview with TheNerve Africa.

With no financial assistance from his parents who wanted him to get an MBA, he knew he had to work his way through, saving up for his trainings. He worked for 13 months with a real estate firm, which afforded him little financial resources to start his own car repair company. He recently enrolled at the University of Cape Town to learn more about his trade.

In 2013 when he got his first shot at learning to be a mechanic, he was so thrilled that he made the announcement on his Facebook page. “Someone just got a job as a mechanic in training!!! Walking thee talk” he posted.

Taiwo Abiri Youtube However, that excitement was only sustained by his passion and commitment to his dreams. For 20 months, he worked at a Lebanese garage along Lekki-Epe expressway without a single pay, but with his educational background and several Youtube tutorials, he was able to grasps things faster than his fellow apprentices.

Taiwo Abiri is indeed a Nigerian worth celebrating.

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