I Am Grateful For The N250 Cash Prize, Says UNIPORT First Class Graduate

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April 16, 2017
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April 17, 2017

I Am Grateful For The N250 Cash Prize, Says UNIPORT First Class Graduate



Few weeks ago, social media was thrown into a frenzy at the news that the best student of pediatrics, at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), was given a two hundred and fifty naira cash prize. Many did not believe the story as it appeared inconceivable, but it is every bit true.

However, unlike the reaction that trailed the event on social media, the recipient, Omubo Joy, seems more than satisfied with her N250 prize. To her, the joy of seeing her parents happy as she was pronounced the best student in the course, was more important than any cash prize.

When asked how she felt about the miserly cash prize and the subsequent reactions that trailed it on social media, Joy simply said she appreciated the award and is grateful to her lecturers, particularly lecturers from the pediatrics department.

“About the cash prize, I’m grateful for the gesture. I do not feel entitled to anything and nobody actually owes me anything, so I don’t feel sad. I would always be grateful for everything I got and anything it brings to me in the nearest future.” Joy said in an interview with Punch Newspaper, adding that the University Teaching Hospital, also offered her and 24 of her colleagues immediate placement for internships.

The 25 year old graduate of Medicine and Surgery is also full of gratitude to everyone who reached out to her in encouragement and gave a boost to the N250 naira she received.  She said some persons “were moved to top up the amount I was given”.

To the good Samaritans, she said their “gestures” meant more to her than can possibly be explained. “Thanks again to everyone that reached out to me. God bless you all”.

One would have thought that Joy would want to pursue a career in pediatrics, haven done so well in the course, but her love for interventional medicine is greater than the “captivating smile of children” that had piqued her interest in giving her best to pediatrics. She would rather undergo her residency in anaesthesiology.

“The fact that surgery is more interventional than palliative makes it more attractive to me. Being an anaesthetist feels like being the nucleus of every surgical intervention, coupled with the fact that I find the diversity of an anaesthetist much more appealing”.

Joy is not new to topping her class, in her first year at UNIPORT, she cleared all A’s in the results, earning her a CGPA of 5.0. This was a year after she emerged top 5 out of the 1000 students that were admitted for remedial course. A feat that gained her the highly coveted opportunity to study Medicine and Surgery.

Asked how she was able to cope with the demands of her course of study, she said’ “I made sure I balanced everything. I had no calendar for reading, sleeping or doing other things. I just focused on what worked for me” adding that she never allowed fear overwhelm her, rather she “Face Everything And Rise”, an acronym she has for FEAR.

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