Fantastically Greedy People

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April 17, 2017
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April 18, 2017

Fantastically Greedy People

Greed I think is inherent in everyone and it takes a full tank of discipline and ‘fear of God’ to douse the ever burning fire. At certain times in almost every relationship, someone wants more, gets jealous, cuts off, robs, uses, abuses, cheats, and tries to outwit/outsmart the other person.

Cases abound everywhere, in almost every section of the society. Look at our music industry for example and the never ending ‘hou-hou’ between musicians and their labels/management in recent times. Same undertone: Greed.

There are cases of bosses who rip off employees/subordinates. I think almost all bosses share this trait. It’s either they deny you regular payment of your salary, which is not even enough for your ‘bukata’, or they rob you of certain rights/privileges/entitlements as a worker and if you do ‘pim’, they threaten you with sack, telling you to be grateful you have a job, there are millions of people looking for this opportunity and bla bla bla.

And your ‘apa’ will just ‘jabo’. That’s how we treat ourselves in our country, I wonder how we expect foreigners to now treat us… Story for another day.

And in the case the boss is not this bad, it is the employee. Suddenly, the salary is no longer enough, he wants extras, then he start looking for ways to shortchange the company, boss or even colleagues.

Even in partnerships, there is the one that wants to outsmart/cheat you out of your own despite receiving theirs. Even if na your ‘father-born’ or ‘mother-born’, there is really no one to trust these days.

What about man-woman relationship? There is that one that cheats, always wants to have a taste of other attractions at the expense of the real partner. Aini itelorun.

The most annoying thing is that each of these characters described above (who could be Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Civil Servants, Drivers, Conductors, Artisans, Craftsmen, even men of God) will now come out and be speaking ‘many-many’ English, criticising our leaders and their moves.

Are our leaders not an advancement of our core as a society? Are the leaders not the set of characters above who were lucky enough? And if we all get lucky too, won’t we all have our hands smeared one way or the other when we have access to the cookie jar? How many rich people in this Nigeria can claim their wealth is “clean”? Who holy pass sef?

I think since we are pretty much the same kind of greedy people, both leaders and followers alike, let us at least be nice to ourselves. If you are a thief as a follower, don’t complain when your leaders do same. And if you are a leader, instead of stashing our money in septic tanks and dustbins or even foreign accounts, please invest it here, set up a company that will produce one of the things we import here, employ people, and add value to your society. If one day, EFCC catches you, they strip you of the ownership and either government takes over or they sell to another (errm, almost said thief) person, the cycle goes on but the society is not denied anything. At least use Abu’s money to butter Abu’s bread, and not to polish Harry’s Bentley. (Just saying).

Enough said jare. What do I know sef?




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