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March 15, 2017
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Dozie was officially a hot mess. His thoughts were scattered all over the place, his palms were moist and his heart had lost its regular rhythm. When his baby sister had told him earlier in the year at their mum’s 65th birthday party that he’d been “gotten”, he had laughed it off and sent her away. Now he understood completely what Nenye meant.


Brown eyed witch. Waltzed into his life one sunny afternoon a year ago, and nothing had remained the same. He was in love. The kind that got you smiling just reading their texts, got you talking on the phone for hours on end and wondering what the hell you were saying for so long, their scent registered in a special file in your subconscious.



Yes Dozie was definitely in love,which is why when he got the phone call from Tayo Eva’s best friend, telling him there had been an accident his world seemed to grind to a screeching halt.

He prayed as he drove like a mad man on Indian hemp, “Oh God! Oh God! God God pleaseeee. Please keep my baby for me, Lord Please!”


He swerved just in time to avoid an oncoming Okada driver trying to enter the street in front of him.


Tayo said she had been waiting for their staff bus on the sidewalk, when a car had burst a tyre and spun off the road to where she had been standing, knocking her down. He couldn’t believe it, he had spoken her just minutes before and they had argued over what to have for dinner, she had laughed at his undying love for Eba.

Google maps got him to Blue Cross Hospital; he parked haphazardly and ran into the building. He saw Tayo crying in her boyfriend’s arms or “manfriend” like Eva would say referring to the age gap between them. His heart lurched dangerously as he moved closer to them, refusing to harbor any thoughts.

“Tayo, where’s Eva?”

He asked in a voice that came out barely as a whisper.

She stood up and hugged him.

“Oh Dozieee it’s not looking good at all” she said before bursting into a fresh round of tears.

He untangled her from his shirt and asked the boyfriend, his voice calm despite the storm inside.

“Bros, what room is she in please?”

“108, guy please take it easy, everything will be fine.”

“Thanks man, I appreci…” his voice trailed off at the sight of his heart being wheeled on a stretcher covered in blood. He ran to meet the elderly man in white overalls, assuming he was the Doctor.

“Doctor, please what’s going on, is my wife going to be okay? How critical is her condition right now? Doc, please say something goddamit!

The doctor raised his eyebrows and gestured that he followed him down the hall. Seated in the doctor’s office, he couldn’t help but wonder how much the man made every month.


“Oloeme, Dozie Oloeme Sir.

“Mr Dozie, the patient is your wife you said?”

“Err, my fiancée actually Sir”

“Alright, so you are aware she’s pregnant. I’m very sorry, she lost the baby from the trauma of the accident. She’s also losing a lot of blood and we are going to need to transfuse her as soon as possible.”

“She was pregnant??? No that’s not possible Doc”

“Yes it is, she was two months gone. But that’s not the issue at the moment.”

Dozie’s head began to spin, everything seemed to dull in color.


To be continued…..

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