Ajibola, OAU Graduate Who Provided Health Centre For 5 LGAs In Kwara

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March 14, 2017
March 15, 2017

Ajibola, OAU Graduate Who Provided Health Centre For 5 LGAs In Kwara

If you are in doubt about the essence of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), maybe you need to take a cue from Olayemi Ajibola, a vibrant young graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, who refurbished the only primary health care centre that services five local government areas in Oyun, Kwara state.

Ajibola was posted to Kwara state, but unlike many of his colleagues who think NYSC is merely a waste of their time, Ajibola saw a need that required his attention, with his miserly N19,800 allowance and goodwill of like minds , he embarked on a Community Development Project (CDS) that not only cost him financial resources but his time.

Tepatan Health Centre before Ajibola’s intervention, would have passed off as an abandoned building, except that it was not. Pregnant women, children and hundreds of locals use the facility every day. It is the only source of primary health care in the community but due to the inefficiency of the Nigerian government at different levels, the centre was left unattended to, for more than two years.

He and his team, mostly locals in the host community, worked on the renovation of the health centre. They fixed the bad roof, cleared the interiors and supplied mosquito nets to the clinic. Then they proceeded to give the health centre a much needed paint job.

On the 9th of March, 2017, the newly renovated primary health center was commissioned, in the presence of 2 community chiefs, 4 school principals, NYSC officials, local government officials and everyone else who could – and should – have given a damn about that health centre before Olayemi came.

For Olayemi, it’s all about doing good for the people of Oyun community; “Even if my name fades from this building, the people living in Abati, Tepatan Oke, Isale, Iya-aro, & Imode won’t forget how ‘NYSC helped them’.”

Ajibola, although seemingly young. Has left his name on the sand of time. When posterity comes beckoning, he would be remembered for his selfless service to humanity. Nigeria can only be the country of our dreams, if we would all live emulate from this act of patriotism.


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