Story For The Gods: Don’t Hate, Appreciate The Masters

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March 14, 2017
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Story For The Gods: Don’t Hate, Appreciate The Masters

Don't Hate

Sometime ago, while I was still in the university, there was a terrible power outage and this led to an unusual water scarcity. So, we queued up on one of those days to get water from the tanks to serve us for the night and probably the next morning.

Then something happened. Everyone had come with just a bucket or small keg, perhaps they thought there would be water the next day. But then someone came with a bigger container to fetch water and there was a huge cry of foul among the ‘fetchers’. They called him a cheat, and insisted he was not supposed to come with that kind of container since other people brought just their small buckets blah blah blah… As I witnessed this event, my mind travel wide and ‘wild’ (as usual).

I started asking myself questions: Had the guy done something bad? Had he really cheated? Could it not be that he brought what he had to fetch water? Was it his fault that the other people brought smaller buckets? Could it not be that he was not as myopic as the others? He probably had the foresight that the situation might not change the next day, so he brought a bigger keg to serve him longer. What if the keg was really meant for 2, 3, 4 or 5 other people waiting for him? (Questions for the gods).

This analogy brings me to today’s story (although I don’t have a title for it…)

Most people feel slighted most times when they see others taking chances ahead of them. It becomes so bad that they keep ‘hating on’ those people for having a slight advantage over them. Often times, I hear people talk about other people and I wonder if the person dissecting is better off.

Oh! He got the prize for being the best student, he is now proud (if you wouldn’t be proud, why not become the best student and get the money). Because she has a car, she doesn’t even greet people (you sef go bring your own and let’s see if you wouldn’t be worse off). Because she is pretty and dresses well, she sleeps around a lot (you that you are not sleeping around, see how you are better off).


It’s just so appalling that we don’t seem to appreciate others for what they have achieved (that you have not (and may not) and seek God’s blessings through them. So many people even after so many years in the ‘Yuniversity’ still lack some basic character traits, I wonder where they will learn them from. Some don’t understand that each individual has the roles they play no matter the status and that you do the little best you can where you are. Instead they want to be in other people’s shoes and when they can’t, they become so full of hate.

Truth is we can’t just have the same capacity to learn, to flex, and to act even when given equal chances. It takes me back to where the story started from. In this fountain of knowledge, we have all come with different containers. While some people just have small buckets to fetch with, some others came with tankers. We all have equal rights to the knowledge, it’s nobody’s fault that you have a small bucket. Just take the small you can and be good with it, let the person with a bigger container take his too and let him enjoy it peacefully.

The message is simple: Gba fun oga e, ki o le ri ori eja je… (Sorry I can’t translate that in English).

Bottomline: Don’t Hate, learn to appreciate especially when you find someone that really deserves it. **Food for thought… Do the dishes**


  1. Great piece here, Dami. Very well written.

  2. Great job at Dapo. May your ink never go dry.

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