Intro: Story For The Gods

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March 10, 2017
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March 12, 2017

Intro: Story For The Gods


“Everyman wan climb higher, every youth got a dream, got a desire… While some work hard and perspire, some turn to vampire, some turn to judges like umpire… Man will do anything for what he desires.” (Jesse Jagz – Desire)

Seriously, who no like better thing? I think it is very natural for every human being to desire the good things of life, good spouse, settled home, comfortable life, fulfilling and well-paying job, bla bla bla… But they don’t come on a platter, do they? Maybe for some sha…

It is one thing to want all the goodies of life, it is another thing to get them. When you look around you, you see a lot of people trying so hard to make things work, to make ends meet; The students who have to do overnights @ the library (and still won’t get 7 points), the guy selling gala and plantain chips on the expressway, the lady selling recharge cards at the park, the cab driver, the newspaper vendor etc., at the end of the day, their take home pay may not be up to anything.

They definitely desire something better but at least they didn’t stay idle and judge other people like umpires, they are making effort.

No food for lazy man they say… You need to see what some other people are going through just to survive. The ladies who have to sleep with men their Grandpa’s age. The guys who have to sell their kidneys etc. The situation of the country has made all these commonplace but the annoying thing is that people who work the hardest, are usually the poorest (ditto, students who read the most) and I wonder why this is so.

In the end, you cannot always judge situations under the concept of right or wrong. Life throws up so many vicissitudes, how prepared are we to deal with them? How strong is our resistance? How formidable is our will for success? What would you do and how far would you go for what you desire? (Questions for the gods).

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