Of Chocolate Bars And Tender Kisses

Bottled Emotion
Bottled Emotions
March 2, 2017
Nottooyoung to run
NotTooYoungToRun Bill: A Timely Intervention In The Chronicles of A Changing Nation
March 2, 2017

Of Chocolate Bars And Tender Kisses


It was here again. The hallowed month of love and madness, the one day couples silently competed against each other on who could think up the most outrageous and ridiculously romantic dates and gifts.

It was just the tenth and it had Chioma’s tummy all up in knots already and her teeth grinding at every red lovey window display in the stores, you could call her a Valentine’s Day hater but she really wasn’t, she was just plain bitter.

Let me explain why she was bitter.  She had just come out of a long term relationship the previous year and she couldn’t seem to fathom how to be happy during the holidays ‘alone’. Christmas had been hell and the major theme had been sniffling and making messy tissue wads. A month down the line and now Love in its all gloriousness was being thrown in everyone’s face. Sniff.

Chioma and Andrew’s relationship had been one seemingly made in the stars. They bagged all the couple awards back when they were at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and this made them extremely popular as lovers. He had been her first, and she loved him so much it left an ache in her heart. You know that saying about the heart yeah? It wants what it wants? Well, Andrew’s heart stopped wanting Chioma somewhere along the line and she was thrown, she couldn’t understand what was wrong and so she tried to ‘fix’ it.

The effects of fixing certain situations in relationships have a 50/50 chance of working or flopping, depending on the disposition of both parties to each other. It can’t work if you have just one half trying to salvage it, so you can guess that this one flopped. The young man had his eyes set on a prize and it was hotter, three years younger and had an M.sc, Chioma was still struggling with getting a job.

He eventually developed balls; pardon my French and came out straight with her.

Fast forward, Chioma had a job now (glory to God) and there was a guy. A guy who seemed to think she was the hottest thing since sliced bread and didn’t hide it. Naturally our girl is plain hostile and sometimes quite bitchy to this Bros, she hasn’t told me his name yet, so maybe we should call him Mr X?  Mr X is fiiiiiiineeeeeee, soft spoken and has sparkling eyes, yes she said so herself, but she isn’t putting herself out there anytime soon and I totally agree.

It’s the 13th of February today, it was an insanely long day for Chioma and we all know why. Coupled with the giggles and Val day jokes, she just wasn’t in the mood, she wondered if she could just bail out on work the next day and call in sick. She was still toying with her line of thoughts when she heard a sharp knock on the front door.  Frowning at who might be calling at almost 9pm, she called out Naija style

“Who’s there?”

No response. Another sharp knock followed. She unlocked the door and opened it just a tiny bit to see who was on the other side. Her jaw dropped at the sight before her and she let the door go. It was Mr X standing with arms laden with a box of some sorts. Her heart skipped a beat as she wordlessly let him through the door, what did this guy think he was doing? In her living room, he made himself comfortable and so she stood watching and waiting.

He presented the box to her and she took it, the inside of the box was lined with velvet and divided into different beautiful chocolate quadrants, in the middle was a small bottle of chocolate vodka. Chioma couldn’t help the smile that broke across her face. This guy seemed relentless and she was kinda loving it. She popped one in her mouth and offered him another.

“Chioma, it’s simple. I like you, a lot and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Can we just be friends for starters?”

“I don’t think any woman can say No to that. Thank you for this, I really appreciate it. Since you’re here now, what can I offer you?”

He stood and followed her into the kitchen, pinning between the wall and the door and taking her mouth in one heated kiss. Her first instinct was to resist, but the taste of chocolate lingering on his lips drew her in and she melted into it. When he finally withdrew from her, she smiled and shook her head.

The month of love was looking good after all, *wink*.


What’s my own in this story? Me sef never know..


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