The Rear View Mirror

The Beginning of the Beginning
The Beginning Of The Beginning
March 1, 2017
Bottled Emotion
Bottled Emotions
March 2, 2017

The Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirrir

Looking at the rear view mirror, I feel sad as I see a lot that could have been that aren’t.

I look further and I am drained; as I see all that weren’t that can’t be anymore.

I see the seconds that turned into minutes,
then days, months and I saw many irredeemable years.

I saw the strength of my youth frittered away on empty pleasures.
I saw treasures traded for cheap porridge;
Gold bars exchanged for gold sprays.

I saw fire lighters and firefighters
Firelighters who have always wanted me to burn,
And firefighters who were too eager to put out my dreams.
With every extra second, the heap kept getting bigger

*Screeeeeech!!! *

Just there, I see why…
…my preoccupation with “what ifs” has continued to keep my eyes off the “what is’s” and “what could be’s”;
that soon became another sad past.

Then again, I saw cars drive by with lots of speed and it feels like the world was passing by


I realize my legs have been on the brake for far too long

I start my engines once again,
With a bit more dedication to focus on the front view glass and drive with a purpose to enjoy the rest of the ride.

MORAL: The past has zero net value
The future… Prospective value
The Present… Real value

Who you desire to be can’t be changed by who you were not (in the past) or who you could be( in the future) ; but by who you choose to be from NOW(in the Present).

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