Newsquake: On PMB’s American Trip; Senator Melaye’s Reality Show continues as IGP Shuns Senate Summon

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Newsquake: On PMB’s American Trip; Senator Melaye’s Reality Show continues as IGP Shuns Senate Summon


This week, the United States President, Donald Trump, had the rare privilege of meeting with Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari. It was a bilateral meeting where the two nations discussed development, economy and security.

One thing stood out for us at The Transverse though, the uniqueness of President Muhammadu Buhari’s appearance. Adorned in typical Nigerian styled Babariga, President Buhari took on Mr. Trump on global issues and discussed challenges of both countries.

The meeting was not without hitches but we must say, it was a good outing this time.

Drum Rolls

Music plays

Ajekun Iya ni o je, eni ti o t’oni na, ti n d’ena d’eni, ajekun iya ni o je…

We all know the artiste behind that epic song but incase you forgot, it is our ‘favourite’ Senator Dino Melaye. Brother Dino like some call him decided to make the song into an hilarious dance-drama featuring the notorious Nigeria Police Force.

It all started when the police wanted Dino to be the lead actor for the Ajekun iya sound track.


We are playing too much this week.

On a serious note, the police decided to arrest Senator Dino Melaye for criminal allegations for gunrunning and giving false evidence with the intention of misleading a federal officer but Dino would have none of it.

He went from sitting on a main road, to jumping off a moving van, all in the bid to ensure he was not arrested. Had he known that all the action will only increased his dosage of ‘ajekun iya’, he probably would have cooperated with the police.

He eventually landed at the hospital but that didn’t stop the police from arraigning him, twice on a stretcher. He was first arraigned in an Abuja Magistrate court, then he was lured back to his home state, Kogi, where he was arraigned again. This time, he was denied bail and had to remain in the police custody till June.

But Nigerians, knowing how good hearted and noble we are, could not stand having sick Dino locked up behind bars. Femi Falana, a senior lawyer among others condemned the act. Another good samaritan judge also ruled that he be taken to the hospital instead of police station.

The Transverse was full joy, not for Dino but for the realization that Nigeria abounds with good people who would fight for another in the face of injustice.

Meanwhile, It was also a sad week for democracy in Nigeria. While Dino’s drama was going on, the Senate summoned the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to give explanation on Senator Dino Melaye’s arrest and the spate of killing in the country but the police boss ignored the Senate.

He had earlier failed to honour the Senate’s initial summon which led to the re-invitation but Idris once again turned a deaf ear.

Although he did send a representative, the representative was dismissed by the senate.

Too much drama everywhere!

Also, sweet sweet codeine was another event that took over the news space this week. BBC Africa, in a well investigated documentary, revealed how codeine, in cough syrups, was ruining young adult’s lives in Nigeria and how pharmaceutical companies are profiting from it.

The most interesting part for The Transverse was the swift response of the government in banning the opioid substance. We hope that the government will not stop at just banning the substance but go a step further by ensuring full implementation of the ban and those on already on the ‘diet’ are properly enlightened and managed.

Finally, the All Progressives Congress had its ward congresses across the country on Saturday and the only thing left on people’s mind was “How will APC conduct 2019 general election if it cannot conduct ordinary ward level elections?”

The congresses were tainted with violence except for Lagos were reasonable peace was experienced.

Anyway, we believe in the integrity of our Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), they ‘will’ not fall our hands.

If you’re reading this line, means you made it thus far. Thank you for always reading and SHARING. 

Until next time, be good to others and to yourself. 

Damilola Banjo
Damilola Banjo
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