Newsquakes: On Big Brother, Melaye and Buhari’s Illegal Withdrawal

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April 24, 2018
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April 29, 2018

Newsquakes: On Big Brother, Melaye and Buhari’s Illegal Withdrawal


Big Brother finally ends, and miraculously Dino started his own reality show which involves the whole senate. Asides that, we will be talking about Buhari’s withdrawal from excess crude account without approval and the summons.

The much talked about Big brother Nigeria, Double Wahala, finally came to an end. Thankfully our mind was taken off the President’s comments in which he did not call Nigerians youths lazy. However, the talking point is how come a character in the house that most people did not like got to be runners-up, and then she got nothing from the show? Young Pilot Miracle Ikechukwu was the winner of the N45million prize, however the organisers seem to be the major winners, the programme raked in about N5bn on the 170m votes alone. Well, now that the distraction of the programme has been postponed till the next one, we hope we can have our sanity and most importantly our ‘unlazy’ youths will find other things to do.

In a swift move, our favourite senator, Dino Melaye switched into gear with his own reality show. Or how do you explain the numerous stunts he carried out this week. From his arrest at the airport, to news of his release and unreleased, then to epic jump from the police bus on the way to Lokoja. The Senator in recent times has been in a broil with Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, who he helped get into power and there has been series of stunts from both camps. Dino has been declared wanted by the Police for sponsoring some killings in the state, we all thought that has died down till the events of this past week.  It all seem like an unscripted movie but then, we wish him the quickest of recovery and hope (not) to see him in the news some more making a fool of the highly coveted position of a Senator.

But while this was going on, there was an uproar that Nigerian President made withdrawal from the Excess crude Account in order to fund the purchase of ammunition as part of the war against Terrorism without getting legislative approval as required by law. This has thrown up several hues and cries as most people think this is an aberration on the law of the land. In his letter to the Senate, PMB had said the reason for the withdrawing the $469m without the approval of the legislature was in order to meet up with the arms deal deadline, this seems a valid point especially if we consider that some of our presidents in recent times have done same when it became highly imperative, but however it is, the law is still the law, we hope this matter gets resolved soonest, especially the talk of impeachment, so we can move on with other things.

Meanwhile, insurgency continue to ravage the country as Boko Haram launched another series of attacks this week and then their other brothers, the herdsmen held way in Benue this week, attacking various communities, killing several people and destroying a lot of properties. At this point, we would love to ask, asides from just condemning these attacks, what is our government doing about these attacks? Because the apparent nonchalance is becoming annoying. We have a lot to grapple with as a people and yet people are getting killed with reckless abandon and nothing is being done about it. Our hearts go out to the people of Benue, Taraba, and other areas that have been attacked in recent times.

While we were expecting some sort of action/reaction from our leaders over the Benue killings, our wonderful senate did the most unrealistic thing ever. The Senators suspended plenary just to go and visit Senator Dino Melaye at the National hospital, Abuja. Immediately, the Senate summon the Inspector General of Police to come and explain the situation with Senator Dino Melaye and not why another community was attacked in Benue. The IGP on the other hand shunned the invitation choosing to follow the President on his visit to Bauchi State. The Senate never disappoints though, the act of suspending plenary where germane national issues will be addressed to visit a member who was declared wanted by the police seems to be the least they could do to amuse us. Last we checked, the 2018 has not been passed, or has it? Just checking.

Well, while the Upper Chamber of the house was busy doing nothing, the lower chamber rose to the occasion and voiced its discontent over the way the herdsmen crisis has been handled by the executive; it even threatened to impeach the president if nothing is done. The House summoned the President to come and explain why the killing seem unabated and not wanting to be outdone, our darling senate jumped on it and agreed to a joint session to hear out the President on this. Well, since the Inspector General of Police has refused to heed the summons, will his Principal be willing to? Your guess is as good as ours.

That’s it for this week on Newsquakes, join us for some more on the never ending drama in the Nigerian polity next week.

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