Story for the Gods: The Story Continues

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Story for the Gods: The Story Continues


She woke up and couldn’t find him beside her, she searched the whole house for him, called his phone, no response. What could have happened? She wondered aloud. She noticed his bag is no longer in the house? Did he receive an emergency call? At least he would have told her or dropped a note.

Did he find out, who could have told him? Did he go look for Femi? He is a very instinctive person, he could have found out, but he is not a violent person. She decided to call her roommate to know if she knows anything.

Oh! This is probably another prank, maybe he would eventually propose, today and he is trying to get me all worked up. And my roommate must know about this. Let me act ignorant and watch how it all plays out. She calmed her mind and went about her business for the day.

He cried. He could not believe he could ever cry for anything, but he did. The tears were uncontrollable. How could she do this to him? How? He loved her more than anyone could. Why?

But then he admonished himself. Had he taken the right decision. Should he have woken her and asked her for the truth. What if the story is not true. Did he act like a coward?

His mind went back and forth before he took a decision. He needs to clear his head. He had taken two weeks leave at work already. He decided to travel to his friends place in another town. It had been years since they last met. They had not seen since they left school and had been looking for a good time to catch up. A good time had presented itself.

So, off he went to his friend’s place in another town. He is a medical doctor and he is doing well for himself in another part of town. They had a lot to catch up on and even the whole week he stayed seemed not enough. His friend is not married, although he is ready too, he has not meant someone deserving.

He confided in his friend about his now former girlfriend. He told her the whole story and sought his opinion. The friend simply told him he should have at least asked her and even if he was not going to continue, he should have at least stayed back till all becomes clear. They joked over it again, what is gone is gone, he should face the future.

He felt lighter when he returned from his friend’s place. He had still refused to pick her calls, even her parents. He had blocked her on all social media platforms. Even his own parents, he never told them the real story but just that it is over between them and nothing can be done.

It has been six months since he exited her life unexpectedly. All attempts to reach him had failed. She had done all she could, travelled to his place but met his absence, several calls he never picks and messages he never responds to. She is aware he knows her secret and feels he had even done well by silently leaving and not to put her to shame. She had also broken it off with Femi. All she wants is just to be alone, she cannot go through the tumult of another relationship again. At times when she thinks about him, she misses him, she yearns for him but always tell herself, he is not coming back. She had to move on with her life.

It has been over a year now, he had tried to moved on with life too. It was extremely difficult  for him to start another relationship, he has not been able to find someone like her, not even close. He misses her too but his ego will never allow him go back. Hence, he put all his mind to his work and kept doing well at it with several awards and promotion to show.

About a year later, his medical doctor friend told him he is finally getting married and would love for him to be his best man. He told him he had met someone a few months back and she is pregnant, so he feels they should tie the knot before it becomes obvious. He was a bit surprised, this had happened so fast, why the hurry. His friend told him the lady came to the hospital where he works and they had hit it off like that, she had just been transferred to town and he feels it was sheer providence. He also said he can’t be more sure he had found the one for him. He congratulated his friend and accepted to be his best man.

However, he rescinded his decision weeks later when he was selected for a work engagement outside the country, which would make him unavailable for the wedding. He didn’t like it but it’s his work and the only thing that keeps him going, his friend would understand. As fate would have it, they completed their work outside the country and returned home a day before the wedding. He decided to surprise his friend by showing up without informing him.

They were about to exchange vows as he entered the church and after settling in his seat, he found out what his instincts had told him but he never wanted to believe. His mind was distraught, his jaw hanging as he watched helplessly, his girlfriend of many years, now pregnant, getting married to his best friend.

The atmosphere in the room changed, he couldn’t breathe properly, what he felt is a good blend of jealousy, anger and disappointment. He couldn’t bear it anymore, he hated himself. He left the venue quietly as he came in. His life would never remain the same again.

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