Tomi Adeyemi, 24-year-old Nigerian writer, signs one of biggest book deals

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Tomi Adeyemi, 24-year-old Nigerian writer, signs one of biggest book deals

By: Onifade Bello A.


24-year-old Nigerian writer, Tomi Adeyemi, has signed one of the biggest book deals ever for a young adult author.

A graduate of English Literature from Harvard, Tomi is the author of the book “Children of Blood and Bone”. The book which just came out in 2018 had been making headlines almost a year before it hit the shelves. Her father claims he has read the book at least 16 times.

Sometimes in March 2017, there were reports that Tomi had earned a seven-figure book deal for her young-adult trilogy, with plans for a movie about the work. According to her, the book is basically Black Panther, but with magic.

Inspired to be a young-adult fantasy novel, Tomi had said she wanted to write a novel set in West Africa so that “a little Black girl [could] pick up my book one day and see herself as the star…I want her to know that she’s beautiful and she matters and she can have a crazy, magical adventure even if an ignorant part of the world tells her she can never be Hermione Granger.”

The story focuses on a young woman named Zélie who goes on a quest to restore magic to her people. Prior to the events of the book, Orïsha had been home to maji, individuals with supernatural powers gifted to them by gods, but a despotic king outlawed magic and destroyed almost all the maji.

Interestingly, the cities in the literary work are all named after Nigerian cities.

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