Newsquake: On the Dapchi girls, ex-governors’ pension, Yusuf Buhari, Anthony Joshua’s comments and others

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Newsquake: On the Dapchi girls, ex-governors’ pension, Yusuf Buhari, Anthony Joshua’s comments and others


Two days ago, a friend brought it to my attention that the only news that rented the airwaves the past week have been about: Boko Haram, abduction in Dapchi, attack in Rann. It’s been a sad week in Nigeria but The Transverse, knowing what we do, sees the good side of everything.

Although the Dapchi girls are still missing, we are most grateful that the confusion around their number has been resolved. The Minister for Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, after leading the second presidential delegation to Yobe, finally confirmed that 110 girls are yet to be accounted for.

The Nigeria Army and the Governor of Yobe, Alhaji Ibrahim Gaidam, have also ceased fire in the blame game. The army is now in action trying to ‘Bring Back Our Girls’. Our Minister of Information informed us that the soldiers have deployed all ammunition and intelligence in finding our Dapchi girls. As at Wednesday, the Minister claimed the army had flown over 200 hours in search of the girls.

It is good to know that the army and government are working hand in hand to ensure the safe return of our girls.

Mama Boko Haram, Aisha Wakil, has also told us that the girls are with her son and his friend, and that they are safe. We don’t know if we should be happy or sad about her information but, at least, we know the girls are still alive and, with the efforts of the soldiers, hopefully they will return home soon enough.

Away from Boko Haram, in Kwara state, the state House of Assembly stopped pension for all ex-governors who are still on the government’s payroll. It gets even better, the only affected Kwara state Senator also came out to say he supported the new development.

In case you don’t know the Senator, it is Senator Bukola Saraki, our ever-in-the-news Senate President. Senator Saraki said he agrees that ex-governors who are still in government should stop getting a pension. If this is not good news, pray, what is? We hope however that the other ex-governors like Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola will stop collecting pension in Lagos state too.

Moving on, Nigeria’s first son, Yusuf Buhari, returned from Germany where he had been for weeks receiving treatment after breaking all his bones while riding a power bike. We are happy he is alive and back on his feet; but wait! Did the president not say that he was in Aso Rock hospital receiving treatment? Even when Sahara Reporters told us the young man had been bundled out of Nigeria to a hospital in Germany, our president insisted that he was in Abuja. So much for Mr. Integrity.

The First Lady – or rather, the wife of the President – was so overjoyed by the return of her son that she forgot they had earlier lied to us. She took to Twitter to inform Nigerians that her son is back and safe. In fact, she did not forget to add that the Minister of State for Health left his duty post to receive her son. Wasting billable hours on receiving a son that was in Abuja hospital but ended up coming in from Germany. Let’s just forget we said anything about Yusuf!

The fourth piece of news we shall talk about today will be the lamentation of Madam Oluremi Tinubu, the wife of the Jagaban himself. Okay, that happened last week but it was nonetheless in the news this week. Rejoinders were flying around on top the matter. Abimbola Adelakun had written an edge cutting opinion of the comment of Madam Tinubu as regards her husband and the president.

Last week, Mrs Tinubu told TVC that President Buhari used and dumped her husband. Adelakun then told her she wasn’t alone as Bubu trashed ‘all of us’. You would think it would end there, right? Hell no! The media adviser to Asiwaju Tinubu and former editor of ThisDay newspaper wrote a lengthy rejoinder to Adelakun. He viscerated both the article and the author, enthralling his principal and the not-so-strong legacy. Anyway, if you’ve not seen the article and the rejoinder, goan find them!

Last but not the least, Anthony Joshua was in the news this week for all the wrong reasons. You remember how social media was agog over him when he won the boxing match? Yea, only this time, the comments were negative.

The boxer had said that he allows his son to build character while his niece, he tried to shape, because she would be somebody’s wife.

Hear it from the horses mouth: “I don’t think I’m that strict with Joseph, I don’t know why. But with my niece I’m strict, He’s going to be a man’s man, he’ll want to spread his wings be a Jack-the-lad, build his character. But with my niece, there is none of that Jack-the-lad nonsense for her!

“My view is you have to be a good woman, respectful, one day you will be someone’s wife, you have to learn family morals, what it is to be a good woman.”

People thought the comment was sexist and misogynistic. Do you agree?

Share your thoughts in the comment area!

Till we see again next week, don’t be a Joshua!

Damilola Banjo
Damilola Banjo
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