A Little Diversion From Our Naija Palaver

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February 25, 2018
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A Little Diversion From Our Naija Palaver

I just hope that I am not the only person noticing the situation of things in this country. In my thoughts and observations, it seems as if most, if not all of the events and occurrences in Nigeria are on the negative note. I am definitely not a negative or pessimistic individual, but when you consider in numbers, the positive events against the negative ones, you will definitely see the angle that I am coming from.

Where do I even start? Is it the hunger that I see among Nigerians on a daily basis or the loss of jobs on a grand scale, or even the non-payment of workers’ salaries in most state and more recently, private organizations due to unavailability of funds, and more recently, and peculiarly to Nigeria, the new trend of animals and their uncanny money stealing talents. These are just to mention a few because anyone that knows Nigeria very well will acknowledge the fact that apart from the situations above, our country suffers other more pressing and nation rending issues.

From almost a repeat of the abduction of the Chibok girls, recurring in Dapchi in Yobe state where 110 secondary school girls were abducted, to the new-year day killing of Nigerians in Benue and Rivers states, to the clamour for restructuring, to the monumental corruption that even worsened considering the recent Transparency International reports, to myriads of other situation bedeviling the very core of our existence.

However, irrespective of the current situation, one must not feel depressed about these issues and not conduct our daily activities. The reality is that we are stuck here because no matter where we run to, Nigeria is always going to be our home. So, the question is, how do Nigerians cope in the midst of all of these, how do you survive in the midst of all of these challenges?

Omo, this is where I go colloquial o! See ehn, no matter what happens, you have to do what my pals call “gboju”, literally translated as “carry face” for those who don’t understand Yoruba. Because as it is right now, that is the only way to survive in Nigeria, that is, being informed about the events and occurrences while simultaneously being oblivious to the situation by not allowing all these challenges affect our faith in the country. That is, you exist in the midst of the challenges, but remain unperturbed and unaffected irrespective of the situation.

Get interested in other things, do your job, study to get qualifications, get qualified or in some cases, over-qualified because you need the over qualification to get to some certain levels in this country of ours, acquire a skill. Recognize that you are alone and that the government cares less or very little about your existence, hence you have to struggle more in other to enjoy even the basic things of life and also get some level of success.

Recognize that unlike in more developed climes, you have epileptic electricity, poor infrastructure, dwindling economy, insecurity, injustice, inflation and other anomalies to deal with, hence, the struggle here is real and it takes extra struggle and hustle to make it here.

And this is how I end this week’s edition of my thoughts. Till I come your way again next week, recognize that you are on your own and that the hustle is real out here.


Innocent Odikpo
Innocent Odikpo
DJ XL whose real name is Ebuka Innocent Odikpo is a young chap with different sides to his personality. Switching from deejaying to writing, which are his undying passions. He is a graduate of the University of Ibadan and currently a practising deejay and writer.

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