Story For The Gods: An Eye for an Eye

“Wherever the youth go in 2019, the nation will follow” – Kingsley Moghalu, ex-CBN Deputy Governor
February 21, 2018
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February 25, 2018

Story For The Gods: An Eye for an Eye

The relationship had started smoothly. They met at a strategic point in their lives, he just graduated, she just got into the university. He felt by the time she would be done with school and ready for marriage, he would be in good standing.

The relationship seemed perfect, they were both in love and each had exactly what the other desired in a significant other.

All was going as planned, he finished service and got a job in another state, while everything about the job is good, it took him away from his love. However, he felt he could deal with it, she could come around whenever she wants, he can also visit on weekends.

He settled in the new place quickly and his career got off to a great start, he was really good at the job and this helped him rise quickly. By the time she graduated, he was already in good standing, things really were in his favour.

She went for her NYSC up north which made her farther from him, he would no longer get to see her at least once a month like he used to. But they were able to live through it and after her service, she was retained by the organization.

This was another good and bad news, that means there will always be distance in their relationship. He was not very comfortable with this. His plan was to propose to her after her service and they start wedding plans. She had told him to hold on a bit, give her at least a year to get fully into the system, then she can apply for transfer to the state he is based and they can consummate their relationship then. Meanwhile, they still travel to see each other whenever the time, mood and atmosphere permits.

So much can happen within a minute and much more in a year. Around this time, he started backsliding, he decided to have another relationship in his current location to take care of immediate needs. Twice he attempted, twice he got caught. She somehow happen to choose the  particular time the other ladies are around for a unannounced visit.

He saw this as a sign, she is not to be toyed with. He made the decision to remain faithful to her from then on. But she feels differently. She thinks he would never stop, and who says she cannot cheat too. After all, there’s that cute guy in her office that has been making below the line moves, she can as well give him chance to take care of her immediate needs too, while he takes care of his where he is.

Things went on from then on till the end of the year. He had teamed up with her roommate to plan a surprise birthday party where he will suddenly appear from the blues and then pop the question.

The roommate had promised to get all her friends and colleagues that she knows are close to her to the venue. And so she did. He had been at the venue long before she and other guests arrived, he wanted it to be a full surprise. He saw everyone come in and take their positions as they waited for her. But to his greatest surprise, she came with another man.

Her birthday was on a Saturday and her roommate had invited her to a nice restaurant and because her boyfriend is far away, she decided to go with the guy from her office, who she has been having an affair with. She never knew he would be there. She never knew it was all his plan.

Nevertheless, he made his grand entrance. He noticed her unease when she introduced him as her colleague and his manly instincts kicked in. ‘Could she be having an affair?’ He pondered. He decided not to go ahead with the proposal, at least hold it off for now till he finds out what was going.

If he was angry or jealous, he never showed it. He made sure she had a nice time with everyone present. She on the other hand had no reason to think he was suspicious of anything

Later that night, he couldn’t sleep, he was worried, Is she cheating on him? His instincts told him he was more than a colleague to her but he had no prove. He thought of waking her to confirm but then decided against it. On impulse, he picked her phone, but it was locked, he tried to open it with her name, her mum’s name, her middle name, his name, none opened it. The phone warned him he could only try 10times, so he gave up and dropped the phone.

But his mind would not rest. Didn’t she introduce him as Oluwafemi? He picked her phone again and tried his name, he was not even surprised when it opened, his suspicion was about to be confirmed.

He had never done this before but he felt he has to do this. Their phones have always been private but he had to cure his curiosity. He read through her chat with him and realised all that had happened. They had been dating for almost a year and in that period she had been pregnant twice and aborted both.

He was shocked, she had always insisted on protection with him? How come? Is it the same person he thought he knew? The same person he had dated for almost 6years? His anger was palpable. Should he wake her and demand the explanation? He got up and was prancing the room, she was peacefully asleep and he was dejected. The fact that she was sleeping while he was troubled got him angry the more.

He needed an explanation badly before he lost his mind, so he picked the phone again and look through her chats, he saw she had a recent chat with her friend from school that he knew, he read through and there he got all the answers he craved.

She had confided in her friend, she decided to date the guy in order to spite her boyfriend, who she had caught cheating twice. Of course, he was her true love, the other guy was supposed to be a side guy, but when she got in, she got more than she had bargained for. She totally lost herself to him, the things she wouldn’t do with her main guy, she did (and more) with the new guy. And when she got pregnant, she did not tell anyone before she decided to remove it. When it happened the second time She told the guy responsible and he said he doesn’t mind, she can keep it and they should start preparing for marriage. That was not what she wanted, she had someone she wants to marry and he must not know about the pregnancy.

Without his permission, she removed the second pregnancy, and the doctor had told her she might have difficulty conceiving again because there has been some sort of damage to her womb. She never told anyone but her friend and she didn’t know what to do. All she wanted to do was revenge but all she got was hard luck.

Her friend had advised that she does not mention it to anyone, discard the side guy and start pressuring the main guy to get serious. She had agreed to do just that.

The revelation hit him like a rock, his world came crumbling down. He could still deal with cheating, even abortion after all he was probably the cause but with a slim chance of pregnancy, he cannot deal. He thanked his stars he changed his mind on his proposal at the last minute, he would have hated himself forever. At that moment, he made up his mind.

The morning took a while to come and by the time it eventually did, he was already on his way back to his base. He only sent a text to her roommate to thank her for her efforts and for vacating the flat for them.He never wants to have anything to do with her again.





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