The Transverse Newsquakes: Paddy Adenuga Viral Article, Obasanjo’s NGO and Three Others

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February 5, 2018
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February 6, 2018

The Transverse Newsquakes: Paddy Adenuga Viral Article, Obasanjo’s NGO and Three Others

Drum roll please,

In the news this week, there have been hiccups, slight thundering, and downright earthquakes. And because amebo is our work, here we are to lay them all out for you.

After the letter bomb of the last couple of weeks, and the subsequent announcement of Obasanjo’s intention to launch a coalition for Nigeria, the former president clearly does not intend to let the dust settle on the issue. The movement has been officially launched in Abeokuta, with Obasanjo himself registering as a member.

Like the former president implied during the ceremony, this is the ‘big masquerade’ so we were not surprised to hear that Abeokuta was playing host to former governors Donald Duke of Cross River state and Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun state who by the way is the National coordinator of the group.

Over here, we are still in ‘we shall see’ mode. Especially since we do not really understand what the coalition is exactly. It seems to be some sort of NGO for now and while Oga OBJ says the members may decide to convert it to a political party in the future, he also claims that he would be presenting his exit card should that come about.

What is this we hear about tanker drivers?

It cannot possibly be the ‘S” word, not while we are still trying to recover from the long weeks of serious fuel scarcity that scattered our December plans and kept us in our homes for a large chunk of January. Is this the part where we start begging, I for one am not above pleading with these essential gentlemen to please stay their hand if truly there is a plan to go on strike.

The NNPC has said we should not worry though and we have also heard reports that the drivers were not seriously planning to shut down operations, so we might as well heave a sigh of relief and hope we are not chased back to fuel queues anytime soon.

Governor El-Rufai is back in the news again, this time for the recommendations made by the committee he led, set up by the APC to look into this our federalism issue. Their submissions have made some people very happy, and some others well… the opposite.

One major point that our eyes were able to see, was that the committee is very interested in making the states more powerful. They asked for more devolution of powers to the state as well as state police and state prisons. While this all sounds very interesting, if truly it is implemented (and we doubt it because hey, the Nigerian federal government is not known for sharing power) perhaps this means the security vote for state governments will now be used for actual security, but who are we kidding? Probably not.

They also asked that the states should be allowed to legislate for local governments and create new councils. We are not very sure we agree with this one. In the first place, we know and they know that the finances of the local governments are already being disbursed by the state government,

We also know and they know that the many, many local governments and local government chairmen that we have now are not doing very much to justify their existence or monthly allocation. So why on this green earth do we need even more of them, especially if they are to be even more controlled by the state government? Clearly, our governor led committee thinks the state is where it should all be going down.

Here at least is some clearly good news, Nigeria is one match away from winning the African nations championships (ACHAN) currently holding in Morocco. Our boys, the home based Super Eagles team hammered Sudan to clinch their position in the championship finals.

Thanks to Gabriel Okechukwu whose feet met the ball well and delivered the single goal that handed us this victory, Nigeria will now be facing the host nation Morocco to determine who gets the trophy. But we are not worried, we will win the trophy, we only hope that our dear minister of sports is also expecting our team to win, so that what happened in 2017 to our dear Falcons will not repeat itself.

Cut in: In sad reality, we lost to Morrocco!

Finally, we cannot end the newsquakes for the past week without mentioning Paddy Adenuga’s explosive feature story on how he almost bought Chevron Netherlands. When some of us are still getting excited about buying a piece of land in Magodo! Oh well, let us just appreciate the audacity AND financial muscle of course that allows one to dream that big.

The younger Adenuga detailed (in many details) how he had set out to bid for the well sought after bit of oil and gas real estate, and the mistakes he made that caused him to lose the bid. Clearly, Paddy like his father is a tenacious business man, and his deep aversion to failure was evident in his repeated attempts to turn the tide of failure that insisted on greeting his attempt.

Paddy was sad about the failed bid and we find that so are we. We however, expect more stories about the young man’s exploits in the business world, after all if you have that much business acumen and the ability to raise fifty million US dollars with a single phone call, then surely a single failure no matter how disappointing cannot keep you down.

And that’s all on Newsquakes for the past week. We’ll be back with more stories at the end of this one.

Omeghie Okoyomoh
Omeghie Okoyomoh
Omeghie Okoyomoh is a graduate of Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan. She is a seasoned public speaker with Media experience and an advocate for women's rights. Omeghie is an editor and contributor with TheTransverse.

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