#Saveabiola Now, Save Nigeria in 2019

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January 19, 2018
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#Saveabiola Now, Save Nigeria in 2019

By: Timi Olagunju

For some, you might have heard about #SaveAbiola, but for many, the title might have made you read. You might have asked questions such as “Why #SaveAbiola Now, Save Nigeria in 2019”, “What is the connection between these two?”, “What does the writer seek to achieve?”. However, as you read on, it would be much clearer.

Firstly, to start with, why #SaveAbiola? Abiola Abdulwaheed is a 32 year old Engineer battling Hodgkin Lymphoma – a type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. Abiola served as a former Students’ Union General Secretary at the University of Ibadan. He was raised as the 3rd child in a family of four children by a single mother.

Fast forward to his work life, after studying Engineering at the University of Ibadan, he got employed as an Engineer at KIA Motors. During his spare time, he volunteered to help pupils and students prepare for exam but his condition has left him unable to serve or work.  After exhausting all his savings (and that of his mother) to receive treatment at the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan, since he was diagnosed about two years ago, his doctors advised him to leave for India in the next few weeks to seek specialized treatment (which includes a combination of a Bone Marrow Transplant and Chemotherapy) to save his life. Therefore, you can #SaveAbiola by donating through this link https://whogofund.com/campaign/34/help-abiola-beat-cancer-hodgkins-lymphoma or his bank account (0693199843; Abiola Abdulwaheed; Access Bank).

Secondly, what is the nexus between Saving Abiola and saving Nigeria in 2019? I will get on it, in a moment.

The first point here is that Abiola represents you and I. He epitomizes the best and brightest; the kind of child a parent would be proud of; a graduate, a leader and servant, and gentleman with his own family. Therefore, saving Abiola is saving our future because Nigeria is not the buildings and cows, Nigeria is you and I.

The second point here raises the question, how did we as a nation degenerate to this level where the health care system or health insurance cannot protect the live of a promising young Nigerian? Doesn’t this call for anger! The kind of anger that will cause us as young Nigerians to say “enough is enough”. In the 60s, the royal families in Europe, as well across Africa, would visit the University College Hospital for treatment. We were the in the top 10 ranking above India, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai. So what happened? Years of neglect! Research has shown that this kind of devastating decay in a system is a product of a failure in governance over a long period of time, and the only way to fix it is not to blame the health system but to fix governance first.

As we #SaveAbiola and put a smile on his face with our donations and prayers (because he will live to vote with us next year), let us remember that for the sake of Abiolas like us, it is time young Nigerians take their country, sanity, and resources, back, by:

  1. Ensuring we get our PVC (whatever it would take);
  2. Ensuring we speak up against the disenfranchisement of millions of Nigerian students in higher institution who have registered for their PVC in school, but sent forcefully home during elections.
  3. Seek for competent servant-leader (like Abiola has been and still is), and vote them into office irrespective of party affiliation.

After we #SaveAbiola, I am sure he will be proud that his story sparked a revolution in your hearts for a #NewNigeria, by doing these three things. For inquiries about Abiola’s health, yon can ‘DM/Follow’ @abiola_a_a on Instagram. Thank you as we Save him, and our nation together!

Timi Olagunju is a Lawyer, Author, and Design Thinking Consultant. He is an aspirant for Federal House of Representatives, Ibadan North. He can be reached on www.voteTimi.com or @timithelaw (Twitter/Instagram).

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