Jamb Question: Who Got The Job

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October 29, 2017
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October 29, 2017

Jamb Question: Who Got The Job

Here is another interview story, a painful one at that.

Just 2 of us made it through to the final stage out of about 200 applicants for just one position. I had applied because I felt this is my niche, so blazing through the first four stages has been much of a soft work, I hope that sounds modest enough.

The previous stages were quite interesting and challenging too. It was so rigorous that at some point I thought this post must really be juicy, I can’t come through all these and be offered peanuts, laye. The first was the initial CBT, the second was a huge task, including logic and calculations. The third was to design a PowerPoint presentation within 30 minutes, fourth was to present it to a 2-man panel. Only the third and fourth stages were done on the same day, and by then, we were just about 5 remaining.

So there we were, the two of us were in front of the panel of directors, there were 6 of them, the youngest should be in his early 50s. I had taken time to do a background check on all of them. The internet had good stories, safe to say, they are big men. Each was with a copy of our documents and the results from the first four stages.

We were given copies too, my opponent got mine and I got his. So after a small talk and introduction, we started.

We were asked to do a 3-minute presentation, introducing ourselves, our resume and what we had to offer. Then, each will scrutinize the other person’s credentials and scores from the previous stages.

This was a bit difficult because my opponent, had the requisite qualifications, including a Masters, as shown in his credentials and a wide range of experience too but none on the post up for grabs. He had a total score of 67% from the previous too, which is well over average, I haven’t seen mine, so I couldn’t compare. His presentation was powerful too but he was talking more about his achievements than what he had to offer. Also, he exceeded the time limit.

I guessed my scrutiny wasn’t as easy too. I don’t have a Masters but I have relevant experience on the job. He felt my presentation was weak, I didn’t talk about the many qualities on my CV. I focused more on my experience on the job and what I had to offer. I finished with 15 seconds to spare and my total score so far was, wait for it 91%.

We were given a moment to comment on the other person’s assessment and we both tried to defend our performances. Then, we moved to the next stage.

This took almost four hours. Each member of the panel had questions, that bothers on job specifics, details on our credentials, appearance, expectations, aspirations. Some even had extremely personal questions, among many others. At some point, they asked some spontaneous questions too, most of which my opponent, to my surprise, fluffed. Although, this may sound condescending, I wouldn’t expect someone of such exposure not to know the meaning of little things like ROI (Return On Investment), USP, (Unique Selling Point), or the new President of France, who at that point was trending on Social media, but he didn’t.

Everyone expressed their disappointment, and at the end of it all, we were given our pass marks. It was clear who the overwhelming favourite was. I particularly got what seem like a congratulatory message, or so I thought. We were told, we will receive a message in the next 48 hours on our progress from then on. My opponent also congratulated me sef. I left with the place with my head high, once again, I had not let the ‘fans’ down.

I got the shocker of my life the next evening. The mail said, I do not possess the required qualifications, that is a Masters degree. Wait, that was never in the requirement, when did that creep in? Even if it was, no one ever mentioned it, but I’m sure it was not. But if I don’t have Masters sef, with the adulations from the Directors the previous day, I should be considered. Didn’t they say that no one has performed well in their interviews like I did in a long time? Abi all na wash ni. I was maaaaaad.

Angrily, I replied the mail with some strong words that ended with ‘God will punish all of you and your organisation’ but I couldn’t bring myself to send it. I was able to calm myself after, after all it’s their company, they can do whatever they like. Na their time jare.

I had always thought Masters degree was always to make you better but apparently, people are just doing it for the certificate and whatever gratification it brings. Yes, it adds value to your person but does it… ermmm… these questions might stir the hornets nest, so I better let it rest here. But come to think of it, now that I have missed a great job offer, ‘se I will not join the bandwagon and go and do Masters like this?’

Well, the story never end sha. About a month later, I met my opponent at another job interview. We were both surprised to see ourselves. Apparently, we both didn’t get the job. So, WHO THE F### GOT THE JOB??? Your guess is as faceless as mine.



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