Leaders Of Today: 4 Successful Nigerian Entrepreneurs Under The Age Of 40

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October 1, 2017
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Leaders Of Today: 4 Successful Nigerian Entrepreneurs Under The Age Of 40

By: Anushiem Chidera

After observing how members of the old guard in Nigeria keep power firmly clutched in their fists, it’s hard to believe in the idea of youths being leaders of tomorrow and many do not believe.

Yet, in the following paragraphs, the achievements of four young entrepreneurs which portend hope for youth leadership of this country in the future will be examined.

SEUN OSEWA (nairaland.com).


When one goes on to nairaland.com, one can only wonder how Osewa pulled such an internet masterclass. He was named as the best African under-30 entrepreneur by Forbes in 2013, and his 12-year-old brainchild has gone on to become one of the foremost hotbeds of discussion as regards issues bordering on the youth in Nigeria. Just like Osewa did, youths who want to be future leaders, have to think out of the box, rather than wait for what the government has in stock for them.



Indeed, whosoever coined the aphorism ‘every disappointment is a blessing’ is a genius. Omoniyi landed in the fashion area when his elder sister made a mistake while filling his desired course of study in his UTME form. Today, that singular mistake has fetched him millions upon millions. Yomi Casual clothing is no doubt a place where the apparel of the crème-de-la-crème of the society are designed.



34-year-old Jazzy needs little or no introduction. He is an award-winning producer, singer-song writer, record label owner, amongst others. He’s been buzzing the airwaves with his music since 2005, when he was CEO of now-defunct Mo Hits. Recently, he re-strategised and founded the Mavin Records, which has been a union of exquisitely talented musicians. Jazzy is also the owner of other businesses, and is a man that the young ones and teenagers should look to emulate.



34-year-old billionaire and CEO of Sijimoto, a real estate business empire, Sijibomi is the youngest Nigerian to officially become a billionaire. His brainchild, Sijimoto, is one of the foremost in the real estate sector in Nigeria. He is rumoured to  presently have over 70 houses in Ikoyi! What an achievement! Funny enough, Sijibomi was not born with a silver spoon as many would think. He made out his own silver spoon, and as a result of a vision for a better life, he strived till he became a force to reckon with in business.

Even though not exactly similar,Osewa, Omoniyi, Jazzy and Sijibomi’s stories all have one thing in common: Omoniyi’s destiny was almost destroyed by a silly mistake,but he kept his head cool; Jazzy’s record label came crashing after taking so much to assemble it in the first place; Sijibomi made billions out of nothing.

This goes to show that as youths, we must not continue to wait for government to spoon-feed us. As leaders of tomorrow, we must act. Remember, a fool at 40 is a fool forever!


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