Dear Nigerian Millennial, Are You Informed?

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September 21, 2017
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September 28, 2017

Dear Nigerian Millennial, Are You Informed?

Dear Millennials

The information age is what they call our little slice of history. Mainly because we have an opportunity that has never been had before, the opportunity to know things.

So, what do you know?

Are you well versed in history? Enough that you don’t swallow someone else’s account of the past, designed to manipulate you.

When people come with facts to support their agenda, are you well enough informed to argue the point with facts of your own?

What do you know about economics? Do you get hopelessly lost when you see a copy of the national budget. Do words like appropriations, revenue or expenditure get you confused? Do you wait for other people’s explanations of words like inflation and recession?

Are you following the activities of the National Assembly? Do you know what laws they are making and how those laws affect you? How about the judiciary and the executive? Do you care enough to wonder what they are up to?

Are you conscious of what is playing out on the global stage? From the Hurricanes in the west to North Korean missiles flying over Japan. Are you aware of the political climate in other West African country and the AU?

If you are not, then you are like a person who has been given a tool that can knock down concrete walls but who uses it simply to crack palm kernels.

Look at us, with the world at our feet and so much knowledge at the tip of our fingers and yet, we are so ignorant.This ignorance has left us vulnerable. We have become easy pickings for those who would take advantage of our lack of awareness.

When we fail to pay attention to what our own government is doing, then we find out belatedly that laws have been made that cost us dearly in our own country. We find out too late how politicians are hiding behind our turned faces to divide up our nation’s wealth.

It is time to begin to read about more than the current scandal between Paul and Peter Okoye of P-square. Time to realise that we are not children anymore and we do have to read the news.

The future is a rapidly changing concept and the world is evolving at a speed that is astonishing. The only way to ensure that we are not left completely behind, is first to know what the rest of the world is doing.

Your’s sincerely,

Fellow Nigerian Millennial.


Omeghie Okoyomoh
Omeghie Okoyomoh
Omeghie Okoyomoh is a graduate of Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan. She is a seasoned public speaker with Media experience and an advocate for women's rights. Omeghie is an editor and contributor with TheTransverse.

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