Random Thoughts III

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September 17, 2017
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September 21, 2017

Random Thoughts III

Where do I even begin this week’s article? For me, this just concluded week was so eventful and with the many events came lots of experiences that I won’t forget in a long time. One of the experiences is the issue that I’ll talk about this week. However, before I go into the matter at hand fully, I think people need to chill and relax a little in this our country- (Everybody blood just dey hot anyhow). Like say na by the hot headedness man go take blow.

Anyway, relating this hot-headedness matter to the issue at hand, I believe and am of the strong opinion that artistes and artisans especially need to be more receptive to ideas and suggestions from people and fellow colleagues in the same line of profession. There’s really no need to believe that one is the best and no one else can do it better than you. Truth is, there’s always that one person who is better than you and has had more exposure than you, no mater how skilled or experienced you are.

There’s no need to “beef”, in other words, envy someone else who is on a bigger platform at a particular profession or career path that you’ve decided to pursue. In fact, from my experience so far, it pays more to attach yourself to them so that you can ‘share in their wisdom’like my professor back in the university was fond of saying.

So, it happened that a particular popular club within the Abuja vicinity decided to host the radio station that I work with, just to appreciate our efforts and show us love. So, I decided to make it an avenue to meet fellow disc jockeys and also study and observe the musical terrain here considering the fact that I am also new in this region of the country.

Therefore, I alongside another disc jockey colleague of mine got to the club in the company of our colleagues at the station and took in the ambience of the club. And yours truly and my deejay friend decided to do what fellow deejays would have done in such settings- we decided to reach out, introduce ourselves and show our respects to the in-house club disc jockeys.

Now, this is where the juice of the story is. (Shebi we for just maintain our levelsabi?).But our expectations and intentions just got ‘remixed’by the reactions that we got from these so-called deejays. We both got the shockers of our lives after the introductions with them.

Apparently, they already heard our names on radio before this event and got intimidated meeting us. The ironical thing is that we never even had anything musically planned for the night. Ours was just to show love and respect and allow them do their jobs, but on the other hand, these guys got intimidated and their only reaction was to get rude and ask us outright to leave their booth. According to them, we were disturbing them and were out to get their jobs.

So, in a matter of about 30 seconds, we were already disturbing them and a threat to their jobs. ‘Just 30 seconds o!!!’ Before I could say jack, my deejay colleague was already losing his temper. I had to literally drag him out of their booth to prevent the whole scenario from escalating into a brawl.

The event above and many more similar to this are things that we need to start changing. I don’t know why artisans, and disc jockeys to a large extent usually have this kind of envy and negative competitiveness among them and within the profession. In this age and time, we suppose don pass this level now my guys.

All of these are for the growth and development of our profession. PEACE!!!

Innocent Odikpo
Innocent Odikpo
DJ XL whose real name is Ebuka Innocent Odikpo is a young chap with different sides to his personality. Switching from deejaying to writing, which are his undying passions. He is a graduate of the University of Ibadan and currently a practising deejay and writer.

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