Random Thoughts II By: Innocent Odikpo

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September 7, 2017
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Random Thoughts II By: Innocent Odikpo

I don’t know the origin or the originator of this saying, but it is one that is so rampant and I’m certain that you must have come across it so many times too. Truth is that it has almost gained the status of a cliché. ‘Readers are Leaders’. This is that saying that I’m talking about.

Now, I suspect that what comes to your mind at first might probably be the act of reading a book either for exam purposes or for information or knowledge sakes, but what I mean here goes beyond just reading, even though the act of reading is an integral part of the whole process. Reading to become a leader in the context that I mean involves the practical process of practising an act consistently till you become a master at it. This involves doing actual researches and reading up written materials about an activity, connecting and applying information that has been acquired while reading to real life situations, observing loopholes and subsequently developing techniques to improve on the discovered loopholes.

You would have noticed that the whole process above is not (beans), in other words, it’s not child’s play, hence, only people with high levels of intelligence and mental capacity have the ability to go through all of these processes, all of which when applied to the productive areas of our lives would probably lead to improvements and development of those areas.

Let me quickly bring this back home before people start wondering what on earth I’m talking about and how it relates to my deejaying profession. In case I lost you up there, then here is the connection to my points above, you just calm down and follow me just for a short while more, and I’ll soon be done.

So, it happens that my profession is a practical one where I have to constantly practise in order to get better. This doesn’t completely shut out the fact that I could read up some essays about disc jockeying that can make me better, however, I can’t stop at the act of reading only. It automatically implies that I have to get my hands busy in the actual art of deejaying in order to perfect my skills and consequently become a leader at what I do.

It is while having hands on experience that I discover flaws in how certain things are done then here decide whether to take up the challenge(s) of discovering new techniques on how to do things better or improving the status quo. (I must add here that the challenges of improvement might involve years of research, collaboration with people, heavy financial commitments, sleepless nights, unending hard work and constant study, all of which are not easy tasks)

 However, in the end when one is successful at being able to devise a new means or an improvement at doing something better, I leave you to fill in the blanks and finish off the outcome in a manner that is most appropriate to you.

Again, ‘Readers are Leaders’. However, in my opinion, it is only readers who act on the information they acquire and seek for improvements and development at a particular human endeavor that actually LEAD.


Innocent Odikpo
Innocent Odikpo
DJ XL whose real name is Ebuka Innocent Odikpo is a young chap with different sides to his personality. Switching from deejaying to writing, which are his undying passions. He is a graduate of the University of Ibadan and currently a practising deejay and writer.

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